48 Volt Star Golf Cart Battery Charger


48 Volt battery charger for Star golf carts. Comes pre-configured with a 48V style connector plug. Fully automatic – made for overnight charging, and features a trickle mode.




  • New 48V STAR Battery Charger
  • 48V style STAR Connector Plug
  • Power Cord

Input Voltage: 110-120v AC
Output Voltage: 48V DC 6 Amps
Fan Forced ventilation
LED Status Lights Automatic

This charger comes pre-configured with an 48V style connector plug.
Fully automatic 48 Volt battery charger, Made for overnight charging.
The trickle charge keeps battery at its best performance preventing over charging, keeping battery at its best condition.
Featuring a trickle mode, resulting in added performance and longevity, which is kinder to your battery. 2 LED lights indicate charging status. (110VAC 60 Hz) Operating on standard household power.



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