36 Volt EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Battery Charger Desulfator Reconditioner


New 36V EZGO Marathon golf cart battery charger desulfator reconditioner. 5A, 36V Marathon SB-50 style plug. Input Voltage: 110-120v AC; Output Voltage: 36v DC 5 Amps; fan forced ventilation, LED status lights automatic. Increases life of batteries and prevents overcharging by automatically shutting off when batteries reach set voltage.

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This 7-Stage charger has a built-in Battery Desulfator Reconditioner that will significantly prolong the life of your batteries, charging them more efficiently, and giving your batteries longevity, maximum performance and power. Also featuring a Trickle Charge Mode, which will compensate for the self-discharge of the batteries and varies the charge rate according to the frequency of discharge. Pulse Mode, which reduces unwanted chemical reactions, such as gas formation, crystal growth and passivation.

Designed for overnight charging (typically 6 hours depending on your batteries capacity level and condition).


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