New 2022 Black Kodiak Defender 6 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart


New 2022 black Kodiak Defender 6 passenger lifted golf cart. Powerful Eco lithium battery. Custom 3-tone padded seats – gray, white, and black. 8 color LED lights with a remote control under canopy roof, cart body, and in dash. Cup holder armrests on rear seats. Rear seats can flip over to create a flat surface, and there’s a small storage compartment underneath. Rear footrest folds in to create more storage space. 25mph maximum speed. Street ready – headlights, tail lights, brake lights, horn, tinted flip windshield, turn signals, and side mirrors. Side view mirrors have turn signal lights. Cart is ready to be registered as a low speed vehicle (LSV) and become street legal – when registered as an LSV, it can be driven on roads 35mph or less.

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New 2022 black Kodiak Defender 6 passenger lifted golf cart. Kodiak golf cart is unique in the golf cart industry, in that each one has the largest golf car cabin in its class, making it ideal for drivers and passengers who are tall with its wide open space for leg room. Another feature is the folding rear footrest – the footrest on the back of the cart can be folded in to make the cart shorter, creating more space for storage. Kodiak golf carts are available in two body styles – the Defender and the Apex. Both carts have the same premium features and can travel up to 25mph, and differ in the shape of their bodies. The Apex has a more triangle shape to its front end, with a hexagon pattern across the grill structure in front, while the Defender is more squared and has a chrome grill. The headlights, sides, and fenders are also shaped differently. Kodiak golf carts have a 2 year warranty.

Key Features of The Kodiak

  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Plenty of Leg Room F/B
  • Lithium Battery
  • Folding Rear Platform

Available as 4 and 6 passenger models with the option of nonlifted or lifted, Kodiak golf carts have custom 3-tone padded seats with custom stitching, along with hydraulic disc brakes. While most golf carts have a 4KW motor, Kodiak golf carts have a powerful 5KW 48V AC motor, and drivers will definitely feel the difference. These carts also feature a 400 amp programmable Curtis controller with regenerative braking – meaning that the energy used while slowing the cart is harnessed and used to help recharge and preserve the battery level -, and an electromagnetic parking brake. Next to the state of charge meter is also a high/low switch for climbing – it is able to be flipped between a higher speed for travelling along roads with a less than 26 degree incline, and a slower speed for climbing a higher than 26 degree incline. The cart handles better on rough terrain when switched to the lower speed, and the higher speed can be maintained for street use if the cart is registered as a low speed vehicle (LSV). They come with all features that make them eligible for LSV status – such as turn signals, headlights and tail lights, brake lights, a horn, and a maximum speed of 25mph -, but they are not yet registered as LSVs until the buyer decides. The term for this is “street ready”.

Other features the Kodiak golf cart has include a thick tinted folding windshield, turn signal lights on the side view mirrors, an extended long roof with a drip edge, 4 point retractable seat belts, built-in 12 volt converters with USB ports for adding accessories like stereo or LED lighting, and a luminated battery gauge with a digital state of charge meter. Many of the carts in the fleet also have our custom SS rims and tires, available for an additional price.

Kodiak golf carts also come with a 48V 105AH Eco brand lithium battery, with an 8 year warranty. Not only are Eco lithium batteries 80% lighter than lead-acid batteries, the standard in most golf carts, they are 30% lighter than other lithium batteries! Guaranteed to work with any motor and controller upgrades that may be performed, Eco lithium batteries have a higher battery management system (BMS) than most other lithium batteries, and are not only zero maintenance, but have a 2.5 hour charging time too.

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